Hey !! I hope you all have a great time as I do. I’m on spring vacation and went to Russia, to St. Petersburg, one of the best cities in the world I guess !! But about my trip I talk next time ((;

I want to share my latest very fast to do handmade. The story is that I missed my plane to Russia (yeah… sometimes it happens). I was really nervous and disappointed about myself and thanks to my love that he reacted so fast and wasn’t so mad on me (I love you:)* ). As I had few free hours more, (and I was still so nervous and disappointed), moving from one corner to another, playing the piano 5min and moving again, taking a sip of tea and moving again, I found a stone. It was a quick idea and also good that I had all items needed.






What you’ll need:   -a ring base (they’re usually in making jewellery stores);

– a stone, a shell or whatever you like (or you find during a walk);

– glue;







Add some glue.







Press the ring base onto the glue.







Add some more glue around and on top of the base of the ring so that it holds better.

Let it dry. Voilà !

It’s easy to do and I can’t complain about the result and the price to make it !! ((:

Hope this also inspires you,


Hey !!! I don’t know what’s going on with me: maybe I’m so in love or maybe I’m too bored at university as I’m more and more in crafts again… I think I’m not the only one who loves men shirt: wearing them it’s so comfy ((: Usually at home I wear some old from my brothers or sneak to dad’s wardrobe. Or really big sizes could be used as dresses as well. I found some really interesting photos and very inspiring ideas, I hope to try some of them very soon !!!  Here you can see them:























































I especially loved the first dress, it’s really easy to recycle the old shirt or from not so loved ones to make a very comfy dress (which maybe will be more loved ;)) ).  I have already tried to wear the shirt as a blouse (you can see in the last photo) and it really worked well !! These combinations are really cool and funny.

I hope this also inspires you too !!

By the way, all photos are via weheartit 😉

Have a nice evening,


Firstly, I’m very very happy as spring finally came (it seems that it came as you never can trust what meteo man says). Yesterday we celebrated one of my good friends birthday, we had a really nice time, maybe later I share some shots (still I have to wait for them) !! It was nice to walk around the city, although the night was quite cold. How I love to walk from one place, to another, small talks, enjoy of atmosphere !!! This gives a feeling of summer. It’s true that the sun and warm weather gives positives feelings, one’s motivation to be outgoing and active.

This week I’m in very flower mood: I want flowers and colors on myself and around me. Maybe that’s why for the start of this week I chose my recycled dress and with light but bold green sweater it turned quite spring-like combination:


























This outfit really made me happy as this dress was a successful project ((:

I also wanted to share with my yesterday’s outfit: flowered fabric dress, purple tights, jeans jacket, boots and black jewellery and my button made earrings:
































This is how I welcome spring ((: I’m also right now in a mood ”red” as I have inspiration to make something. Also I’m very happy as I’ve finished my third dress, this one is vintage style, opened back, black one. I haven’t still made my photo shoots for the second one which I made in summer. Hope during these weeks to make it and finally to show you !!!!

hope you also enjoy a very nice start of spring and sunny weekend,



In October with friends we went to Barcelona and passed really cool weekend. Firstly it was still nice weather (to compare with North France) and all the city was moving. Also it was interesting the start of this journey: how I and Kamilė hitch-hiked to the airport (although it was raining and although between Rouen and airport is ~80km and  it took maybe 6hours for us to come there). Also that we girls hardly remembered our coming back stage. To sum up, I can only say that I liked it very much.  Because I liked it, I still remember it ((:

Live music, happiness, colors, sangria, the Mediterranean sea, palms, paella, Gaudi (whose architecture impressed a lot). It’s really a city to go with friends. It’s really the city of parties,  adventures, questions (how or who remembers)… Thank you girls for super cool company, laugh, good memories and better photos (especially for Milda and Kamilė whose photos I share). Hope we will repeat our journey !!! ((:

It’s funny and at the same time interesting how style changes, likes and wishes. When I was little my mom all the time bought me pink color clothes as they suited me very well. I liked it but  when my wardrobe became ”sweet pink dream” I began to hate it. Similar was with bold colors clothes..So I had a ‘no pink’  and ‘serious colors’ period. Interesting is that this spring, when so beautiful days arrived  this color came back to my life. Bold colors. I mean, I like it again. These photos inspired me, I’m in a mood to be little happiness with boots and doughty skirt or yellow sweater with green green jeans, to go to pick flowers or to jump and catch butterflies. Oo, those bold sunny rosy days… I missed that time (:




























This is one of my quite old projects (as I still am in the progress with new ones) but for my blog it’s a new presentation. Last summer I got an old dress: this as how I made trade in one site and I was really happy about that. One part I used in recycling old T-shirt  . Later I decided to remake it and made a short dress, some kind of a shirt dress. I only added photos of before/after as I cut the bottom part and made it narrow. And I’m happy with the result:









And here’s the result of my little change (I’m sorry that I have only one photo, maybe later will make more):











As always the most important that there are many ways how from very old stuff one can make something newfangled (:

Another good news is that tomorrow I’m going to receive a sewing dummy !!  So, this is I guess the biggest reason why I’m so in a mood to sew again ;D

Some of ideas which I like to share with you, my dear readers ((: This is what I have liked since my childhood. And as right now there are so many many possibilities (one can buy chalboard paint or even make it by oneself !!), it’s only one’s inspiration and realization ((: Myself, I have already little board on which I stick some photos of my dreams and goals, and do some notes. One friend of mine told me about here ‘motivation’ board and this really helps !! during one year I reached all my goals, so now it’s only decision of new ones and how fast I’ll reach them (: Anyway, coming back to chalkboards, as you can see from photos, it’s not only a means of studying or a decor part, one can make also little gifts with it !!!












































Sometimes it’s strange how the life changes: one has inspiration , later it disappears and comes back.. during summer I really caught quite good vague of inspiration and during Autumn.. It was gone. For those, who missed my posts I can say, that I had really interesting and rich period in my life: studies abroad gave me more than I have ever expected !!! It’s a pity that I didn’t share my experiences  at that time but I believe it’s better to give more objective view of everything without grumblings and complaining.  ((: What I feel now what was what I got as experience:

  • one learn how to accept different cultural codes;
  • being alone becomes being an exception of the rule. Being the exception doesn’t mean one needs changes;
  • one can learn how to love it’s nation and country, how to be proud of oneself;
  •  one learn how to be polite whether one want it or not, it’s like a river which one can cross;
  • personally I learned a lot about national character… And I understood better only when I came home..
  • Smile and be polite- no matter how unhappy one is.

Before my abroad studies I had really closed point of view and I only understood it when I had gone abroad. Reading articles is different than meeting people and searching ways how to get along. If at first I wasn’t very happy by living in very cosmopolitan place but  finally I appreciated that. For example, after 5 days of my arrival one guy knocks on my door 2 a.m. I didn’t open my door so next day when we met in the kitchen I heard that I’m a racist because I wasn’t polite with him. If at first it was shocking or really strange finally I understood that it was only a difference between cultural codes: people from ”very south of France” or actually people from Maghreb and more south of  Africa after studies spend their day part by sleeping and during night time they are active (celebrate, cook, study and so on). so this was how little innocent movement in addition to be self- presented (as they are really more sociable than people from the north of Europe) made a little misunderstanding between two youngsters.

Another cultural difference was understanding how clean kitchen looks like. Nothing personal, but all the time seeing dirty kitchen after somebody’s (possibility of my floor’s neighbourhood)  really upset my cooking mood. Sanctions made by residence’s administration  ”lock the door for a period of 3-4 days” or ”turn of electricity” really didn’t help as next day it looked the same as before making one of these sanctions. One can ask ”why this still happens? ” or “why do people leave their rubbish after they do their cook? ”. Waiting in a row is what one can accept or still face up but not a disrespect to others. Finally I changed my eating and cooking habits and my view of living became  ”take it easy” if you can change it. But the most surprising was disrespect to students from the administration (both from residence and university).

Spending hours by asking and searching a person who could sign the last document (and finally discovering that we searched a wrong person), receiving wrong letters (for example that my friend didn’t pay for her room) was a normal phenomenon. When we saw our exams graphic and we had few double exams, the answer which we heard after ask for a help was ”it’s your own problem, you had to inform us at the beginning of this semester”. I think everybody would be frustrated in such conditions but the lesson which we learned was ”il faut s’adapter”.

Anyway, these experiences changed my view of life, my understandings and I appreciate that a lot. Still I like France, it’s a very beautiful country to visit, good cuisine (I’m talking about traditional cooking of which usually people are proud of (but this doesn’t mean that many people really tasted it)), good wine, nature… And before my next abroad studies or decision to move I’ll have to think better, maybe read more about what I could expect and what not; relations between locals and foreigners and immigrants..

Heh.. Spring came ;)) As it came, I also came back with my new inspiration and quite old works (i’m sorry who I upset by being disappeared from my blog, about this I’ll write next time). So… Last summer I finished by making just little stuff… and it’s nice to remember as I’m again in this ”gipsy” mood: that messy style, bold colors, crazy music and life style.  I only miss long skirt, it used to suit quite well with these earrings ;DD

I had a white jumper which I wanted to change. I used a decoupage technique by sticking different elements  of various serviettes. firstly it was a cd’s form with picture of 3 musicians, little jazz band and next to it few musical instruments and some sheets. After washing it my ”art” half disappeared (one can see the result above). Good that it looked better ((: I love this jumper till now and it’s one of my favorites.












Heee… Although this event had passed before few weeks I still want to share with you guys  :))

Kitchen is really the best place to ave a really nice chat. It’s the place there I can share my ideas and opened heart accept ideas from others. Maybe this is also one of reasons why I passed so much time in the kitchen this summer (or maybe not 😉 )

Actually, I had a very great cooker next to me 😉




So, starting with the very first dinner (still remember so firstly time good prepared shrimps which I tasted) , the Arabic dinner,  simple pic-nics, so cosy breakfast times, Turkish meal , Hungarian pancakes and finally amazing soups !! Everything was really really great, I really felt as I had traveled a lot  as with traditional meal we listened that region traditional music. So.. This is what I decided to make as a birthday present:

As you can see from photos the gift was accepted with joy. Unfortunately after the very first washing I saw my decoupage technique mistake: paintings were almost gone //: (still hope to fix this in the future). The longest part was making this phrase. But, I think this cred is worth this job ;))

So this is ho we work :))

Oh.. and honey, trust me, your pizza was really the best in the world !!! ;)*