This is my first sewn bag. I did it last summer: I was a little bit bored and decided to sew (although at very young school age I hated sewing (but about this I’ll talk later in special post)). After clearing the wardrobe I had many clothes which I didn’t like anymore. But this jumper was so special : it was my grandma’s jumper, I liked the fabric very much and it was something that reminded me my early childhood (many questions ‘why’ , ‘how’ and of course pancakes’ smell) so I couldn’t throw it away. So I searched and found 1 site (before 1 year I couldn’t read Russian letters), and followed few photos

So, I sewed 2 sides and as a lining fabric used an old skirt. Before sewing the basic and lining fabrics I made 2 extra pockets inside (very bad quality as it was an experiment). For a handle I used an old belt from very old pants (cut and sew).

I am content with the result (although the photos quality is very bad) as this bag is very comfy, quite big enough to hold my casual stuff. As I experimented and didn’t  know correctly some sewing techniques (oh my dear pockets !! ), I had to work harder and resew several times. Also the fabric isn’t the best choice for the wet weather.

Also, maybe I have a negative characteristic to keep an old items, clothes. One wise man told that senescence is coming when somebody starts saving items and putting them into small boxes. Sometimes I love these cute items, sometimes I love too much fabrics or colors or sometimes these items, clothes remind me cosy little moments. My inspiration usually comes really really  suddenly and sometimes I create or recreate something very very fast. This dress was also my ‘recreation’. I’ve bought it before many years in very low price. Linen is very grateful fabric especially during hot summer. I liked color. I didn’t like the form of this dress, how it lied on me. So I recreated the bottom and added nice belt. And now I love this dress.

There are more items which I recreated: cut the bottom of another skirt or dress, changed the color, made new earrings from the old ones. I’m glad I didn’t throw them away, these little projects  helped me in gaining new experiences, increasing skills. I am sure this also shows my tactic even in life not to throw something away, but try to fix, first to think and later to do. But.. What I’m talking about, I’ve finished a semester of philosophy last year so I’ll leave these theories ((=

And I guess I’ll public few projects more before showing new ones.  yep.