This is my second sewed bag which I like very much. It’s story is short but nice. I had got it’s previous version before few years from a person who loved me very much, too much I could say. I missed a lining fabric and pockets. I   had just found some materials in grandparents’ loft and decided to fix. As a result I recreated it quite definitely. Firstly I cut  rectangle from lining material, similar to the basic fabric’s and then decorated basic fabric with purple beading  (oww, how difficult and how long it took this process). After this I made 2 pockets and sewed them. Later fold up these 2 rectangles and sewed both sides (only left ~8cm from top and tried to make little folds). Then put band and sewed it. With another band I made something like a ribbon.

Firstly this bag looked too small, I couldn’t carry all my stuff at first so this gave me a lesson to reduce my ‘casual property’s ‘ amount. But spring by itself is light season, everybody wants to throw down heavy clothes, pick up slingbacks. Maybe due this I’m happy as usually bigger bag you have, more items you need. So a bit smaller bag really helps to feel absolutely light spring (=
And once again I am very thankful for a person who chose these fabrics. (,