I love evenings when I let myself to relax and it’s not important that I have to read a lot, try hardly to remember some not so interesting information. Love keeping me in fluffy pyjamas, holding big cup of tea (in the morning I would say coffee) and watching good movie or just dreaming. To say shortly I really love to spoil myself (I have to admit yesterday I spoiled myself too by going to spa center and also by buying new shoes). And I think it’s not so hard when somebody has a good taste of music. Yes..  and this evening isn’t an exception.

Before few years I discovered South Korean pianist and composer Yiruma. Relaxing and easy music which I can listen and listen.  And I always start dreaming and imagining some unreal visions (or maybe too good to be real). ((= I think this is the music which has to be heard and not described.

By searching more his videos I found another interesting piece. Of course, French musician and composer Yann Tiersen is very famous (everybody knows ”Amelie” movie and his music is just amazing !!). But what surprised me that although I played this soundtrack so many times, I only yesterday listened few his other works. So, this was surprising. Also I was surprised by his creativity. I mean, when somebody creates something very nice usually later works are like little copies. They have too much similarities with previous works. Although this is similar but at the same time it’s different and I like it very much !

Usually I like to listen jazz. I’m not passioned by all jazz musicians, I like only few (like means to like not the only one hit or instrumental part). I’m very thankful to people (very very very smart, intelligent and… cute of course) who I met this summer. With one Belge I talked about music quite all night and he told me about Bill Evans. Very strong, and very very very classic American pianist.

As my evening still continues, I sometimes listen music from some movies. ‘The Bow’ is one of my favorite movies (for those, who didn’t see it: you definitely have to watch it (and other Kim Ki Duk’s movies). This movie helped me to know better South Corea’s culture, traditions, to hear their music. I think one of the best things in the world is tradition music: so different in different continents and has so much in common. And I love to listen modern traditional music as it’s in this movie.

winter winter winter… Only this year I like winter (not only watching through my window or walking in so beautiful forests). I like to feel snow and enjoy every step (of course, usually I do this in the morning or going back home). One man wrote : ‘ Who is buying fur for fashion? You buy it as it’s needed.” When it’s warm, and the winter is nice in all meanings.