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I was disappeared few weeks (here’s fragment before one of my exams (literature) – I am really happy and lucky to have smart dad who at his time enjoyed studying literature and other arts by himself, so at home we have many good books !! )  Anyway, exams are over and after session I felt SO exhausted (this happens very sometimes) so during past weeks I have just tried to relax as much as it’s possible, to sleep a lot (interesting is more I sleep, more asleep I am..), try new recipes and remember my favorite dishes, and reading about others made projects. So, I read many many many very interesting blogs (about them a little bit later, in connection with other posts) which inspired me very much, I again took decoupage and started many new projects. few photos of my inspiration: Actually, maybe more me inspired seeing my friend’s Aistė sister’s wardrobe !! Hope one day renovate mine… Coming back with last weeks little projects, here are some from my collection ”La musique que je vois”

Also started decorating new items but stopped for a while.. also there are few tablemats more left so still wait for my new inspiration. Right now I’m sewing a dress, almost finished, hope during few days to show it ((:


Exam= 1000 books and 1 night, I could say.

This means 'no time for beauty and other vices'

Well, for me there are few nights more left but still.. In the middle of exams session I’m already tired… Today I have been studying all day long lexicology and in final decided that still I don’t like it, also prepared few more subjects for next exam (which will French oral). This part was interesting as I read a lot about Cannes movie festival and had to think about my favorite movie (this was a difficult part as I have many favorite movies). So I remembered one cute movie which I saw ~10 times. Howl’s moving castle is the one of movies which I can watch and watch and watch…. (: