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There are many people who love to eat well, who enjoy eating tasty food and the aesthetic view of it. Food is a very important part of hole life, it’s not only used for humans being, it keeps the movement of creativity.


One is to imitate food by making clothes and it’ll look original. Another is to make clothes using food. I found this great post and liked it as it’s well classified and very informative. Funny was that I discovered it after I started writing about ways how food is connected with fashion and clothes and.. Voila ! This shortened my writing as it talks more by itself  ((: Another great artist and little of his works here .


Ju Duoqi is an amazing artist who recreate famous paintings by using vegetables and fruits:

Food crafts

I can watch and watch photos of food, catch ideas or inspiration.I liked this post with sandwiches as I love them. Another photo just to add:


I’m sure there are plenty of items but these items made me smile- what’s better than sleeping in your favorite meal’s bed ?  ((:



Today is anniversary of the 1918 restoration of Lithuanian Independence. The National day, a holiday day. Maybe this day is more important for my parents,  grandparents as they felt a taste of fight; my grandma was  in Siberia during her youth after the Second World war, since my childhood I always have been touched by folk music-I think this is one of the biggest signs of the nationality. The strangest thing  is how different people understand the same things, how they express their opinions, how celebrate… Many people celebrate so loudly the Independence day, organize parties and  etc.. My family to compare celebrates quite silently but I’m sure that inside it’s marked more than with big respect…

Today also dead one of the most important poets- Justinas Marcinkevičius. Strange feeling, I’m not sure what I could say about myself, how much his poetry affected me, how much influenced my ‘national’ conception as I grew up hearing many people, seeing different world, I was born in already  free country.. Still, hearing so many people with sad voices, I’m sure this affects you want this or not, it will be still thought and talked about it aware or not…

I  started with some ‘national’ moments as it’s not also a big fest for a nation, for country, but  for me as a person. One person can’t change a structure. But many ‘one person’ together can change the system. That’s why the national perception is important. And not only  it. Everything starting from education, political, economics and finishing with… arts.

Talking about my little daily life (well, today isn’t so ‘daily’ day) but still… I started sewing a new dress, hope it will turn out ok as now it looks.. well, now it’s just a piece of material ((: But yesterday I caught  quite a big inspiration… Actually, I have to thank for Karolina And Eglė who shared the most perfect idea, this helped me very very much !! ‘The motivation board’ – I have many photos on my wall which are symbols of my dreams and life goals.. So yesterday I got another idea of virtual inspiration boards, as this helps me to create handmades. ((:  This is my yesterday’s board (very bad as I was too lazy to use another program to create the one with photos each next to other as I found one free and used it ), so right now I’m working with dress :DD


Hope you also catch the inspiration and will reach your day/ month. years plans ((:

Every year comes the time when shops are full of candies, chocolates, pluchies (toys) and all that sweet stuff reduces, red color becomes so popular and the heart shape appears almost everywhere. I think it’s very great that this fest is celebrated- ‘official permission to show your feelings’- as even the biggest stranger can seem normal. Also, this fest help people not to be afraid of showing their feelings, it encourages. It was quite interesting to know, when my Norwegian lecturer told us that when she was at school (now she’s 37) they didn’t celebrate Valentine, it’s new fest. In Lithuania it came also as pop culture’s influence as Halloween did, but this last-mentioned gets it’s popularity very slow…

About encouraging, it’s known that north people a considered as ‘more shy’, more ‘conservative’ people to compare with  south countries (Italy, Spain, France).  It’s true, till now many of my friends, people who I know are too shy to start talking with someone else who really likes, and there are many people who maybe ‘lost’ their true love only of a fear that ‘he/she doesn’t love/like me’ and etc in addition of such a shyness. I always remember my grandma’s youth stories how one lady told her in the street with very silence voice ‘Miss, your socks are in the wrong side’ as it was something ‘pervert’ or how boys of her university ‘checked’ girls locks as ‘making them instead of having naturally’ was something also called ‘incorrect behaviour ‘.  Of course, during my mom’s youth there was normal to have make-up, locks, they had their fashion ‘standard’ , but to speak loudly about deep feelings, love, experiences was something that almost everybody kept for himself. As now it’s my youth, to compare with my relatives, I can see that now girls have very big rule in common life, it became normal be more active, to show first some signs instead of waiting boy’s attention. And of course- all tv’s influence, movies, pop culture.. I really don’t like what is shown on tv , ‘too opened’ lives, perversity, ways how are showed crimes and social differences (I don’t think this is a means to entertain people, kids)  but I have to admit that I like that way how people changed, mentality about woman and man, perception of rights and duties, education.

Well, as st. Valentine’s day  is coming and surely tomorrow I won’t have free time to write (thanks to my busy busy Monday’s schedule), and this is such a special day for so many people, I would like to share few photos which are cute and which I like time to time to watch, which inspire ((:

So, happy Valentine’s day for those, who are in love, who dream about it, who wait it or maybe who remember good past times, lovely eyes, smile and joy… It’s really better when be angry or feel lonely ((;

Everyone is an artist but only the artist knows it.

I maybe should start  from the beginning- threads. This little ‘twiddly’ helps to make many items including clothes, jewellery and etc. Yes, there are many crafters who knitt, sew and do many beautiful things, decorations which people enjoy. Humanity’s originality depends on technologies, science, social factors. For ex, who says about fashion ? In my opinion- materials factories. When new material comes up, for sell it they make new patterns, many magazines covers shows up with new clothes and little by little people start to think that’s great although before they might thought it was ugly (f. ex unnaturally bold colors fashion (pink, green, orange, etc..)). But I started talking about threads as I discovered interesting artist Gabriel Dawe who works with it:

I really like his works, very colorful and this is a great example of a crafter who uses various techniques (broidery, textile) and also for his art very important part gives light effects (this is what I meant in saying ‘originality depends on new technologies and possibilities) .

To continue, now a little bit about simple clothes: dress, pants, skirts, shirts and etc. I truly think that to make a beautiful clothes is an art. But to make the art from a simple part of clothes without remaking any detail – this is a modern ART.  Bela Borsodi showed it very well:

Such a visual art is awesome, really left me in a very good mood.

Finally, if art it’s possible to make with a simple piece of clothes, it’s more than possible to make from many clothes already put together. Guerra de la Paz is a team of artists (Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz) whose works are really impressive:

I like this artists common idea to use unnecessary stuff, it’s a way of recycle, it’s a way to show imagination, inspire others.

Art with buttons isn’t something shocking new, before few years saw on tv one old lady who now does ‘Button paintings’ , later found few works in few galleries. But I like Lisa Kokin art, her works really inspire !!

After seeing these works  more and more I understand that my passion is the visual art (=


Nor knitting, neither sewing…

Yes, it’s my newest handmade friend which I recycled from very old threads (and my grandma wanted to throw them). Firstly I wanted to make a little rug but as it would be very impractical decided to convert it to a little pillow.

I like these little bobbles, always remember how in a childhood helped my grandma to make them for national costumes or other accessories. I think it’s too difficult to explain how to make them by words as for me bigger help gives photos, like this one:

I like very much how it came out (fluffy fluffy fluffy), only a shape could be a little bit heart- shaped :DD

And of course, the biggest joy and happiness showed another fluffy which I own. Ūsė (in Lithuanian means ‘moustache’  (but gender feminine although correctly is masculine) ;D ). When I was making these bobbles she tried to play or to sleep over the bobbles ‘pill’ and finally curring went to sleep next to it. I’m pretty sure time to time she’ll steal it from me ;D

So sunny Sunday- I love it !! Spring is coming, I can feel it, I can hear it, I can see it !! Sometimes I love to listen French music, really inspires me to create something or only to dream, to see things so positive. Music is a part of creativity, a part of being, a part of connection with hole world,  it’s a reason, process and solution…((:

Yesterday I discovered one very great singer and songwriter Camille, I love her music style, her songs have very deep meaning. Maybe this is it what I think to be French style when I’m asked. This is one of my favorites songs !!!

And this is when I feel sad or serious, when I remember older days or when I need love as a feeling…

Another my favorite singer is Pauline Croze, such a cosy music… she truly knows how to show feelings by song, by voice, by simple means…

Another singer, which music I like is M (Mathieu Chedid), a little bit crazy guy for a little bit crazy days and nights ((:

And finally  very popular singer, actress and model Vanessa Paradis and my favorite her song:

So beautiful outside, I have to walk, to breath this wonderful day’s air. I feel a little bad that’s my last vocations day and from tomorrow I’ll have to come back to university (isn’t that sad when somebody young, who maybe has to be full of motivation, says that ??), so I wish  you all a good day, smile, as smile shows that life is beautiful  ((:

I really like victoria’s secret dresses, well, models them make to look very beautiful (It’s so bad that they put only models as normally dress won’t look so). And of course, I don’t live in USA and sending such a dress means not only a shipping pay but also and economical difference (1$= ~2,5lt). I had some navy material left after sewing a shawl and searched few dresses. Really liked 2 and suddenlly found 0ne amazing dress which exactly inspired me !!

After seeing many creative people and reading few sewing books decided to sew something bigger than simple apron, bag or tote. My grandma first told me I won’t sew it properly and I almost decided not to sew this projects but thanks one of my best friends Aistė who encouraged me. So, I started…

Firstly I prepared the material, made these ‘lines’ . The next time if I sew this or something similar I’ll know that it’s necessary from the beginning to mesure the dress outline as material squares were twice bigger and ‘lines’ in dress didn’t look so perfectly as I wanted. There was a lot of work as I wanted to have a good result, to say shortly- now to spend more time in learning in addition later to spend less time doing at first time good quality clothes.  Maybe the biggest mistake (for those who sew or plan to start sewing- don’t repeat this :DD) as firstly it was too loose and I already had sewed the left side of dress and was too lazy to resew, I only narrowed right side and later it looked just perfectly and the left side… Well, I had to resew and after 4-5 corrections it was almost the same as I wanted it to look !!!

I used this beautiful white lace to cover the back part of the bottom. This offered my grandma as her mother used to sew like this !! ((: And the lace is from these old times when my grandma was a little, so I feel much more special wearing this dress :DD

I really want to thank  my very close friend Gražvidas for the fotossesion, good ideas, patience, tasty tea, mmm.. yummy cookies (!!!), good mood and smile !! Now I can’t decide when I had more fun: sewing this dress or during photo production :DD surely I can’t compare these 2 ares, they have similar branches but at the same time are too different.  I also tried to change my hair, at the same time I want fringe and don’t. Maybe I’m too content with current hair as I can do almost everything with them, or maybe I’m scared of the  idea that they won’t stay straight after every morning ritual :DD   Maybe… one day ((: I also inherited  my mum’s wedding shoes, I am so happy !!! My mum’s and mine tastes are very different but these shoes are amazing and very comfortable. (:

Yes, during these days my head is full of new craft ideas and I only need few materials. But also the truth is that I have many already started projects and not finished yet. Before few days mum has reminded me about my little thread rug. so today I have checked my wardrobe and all little sacks with threads, materials and etc and found many interesting things. Maybe will try to experiment and to make something.. Hope to have much fun as I love recycling ((:

Actually my first ever sewed craft was this Christmas bag:

At school we had crafts (?) lessons, I guess I was around 10 when made this. It wasn’t my first sewing experience (thanks for my really super cool grandma!!), but at that time I really didn’t like it. The goal was to learn how to use a sewing machine and few more techniques (that’s why I  didn’t like).

I remembered this still cute bag as it’s also recycled- I used some left pieces of various materials (cotton, line..) and made something that’s still useful. Originally it was my Christmas gift for my mum but.. Now here I keep my crochet threads.

So, as today I found many already useless materials this little bag inspired me to try to do something new.  ((:

By the way, I have already finished sewing my dress, now wanted to start making the new one as I liked sewing very much but… firstly… it’s necessary to finish what’s already started  :DD

I’ve bought almost new high heels in a very cheap price but I didn’t like them so much, there was something I missed, maybe I felt as my feet are too long =DD So I decided to change them a little bit. At first they looked this:

I had some free lace (actually took it  from very old stocking) and sewed it over the shoes. So, after this it looked much better:

I liked how they looked but still it wasn’t very comfortable as the top line was too loose for my legs so added little ribbon to fix it. And finally the result:

Right now I love them !! Also found in loft few more old shoes pairs and maybe will renovate them. After I finished this little project I found very interesting blog (in previous post I talked about my inspiration, so continue this theme), Grosgrain gives many good hints how to renovate shoes and this really inspires !!! So thanks her for great ideas !! ((: