I’ve bought almost new high heels in a very cheap price but I didn’t like them so much, there was something I missed, maybe I felt as my feet are too long =DD So I decided to change them a little bit. At first they looked this:

I had some free lace (actually took it  from very old stocking) and sewed it over the shoes. So, after this it looked much better:

I liked how they looked but still it wasn’t very comfortable as the top line was too loose for my legs so added little ribbon to fix it. And finally the result:

Right now I love them !! Also found in loft few more old shoes pairs and maybe will renovate them. After I finished this little project I found very interesting blog (in previous post I talked about my inspiration, so continue this theme), Grosgrain gives many good hints how to renovate shoes and this really inspires !!! So thanks her for great ideas !! ((: