Yes, during these days my head is full of new craft ideas and I only need few materials. But also the truth is that I have many already started projects and not finished yet. Before few days mum has reminded me about my little thread rug. so today I have checked my wardrobe and all little sacks with threads, materials and etc and found many interesting things. Maybe will try to experiment and to make something.. Hope to have much fun as I love recycling ((:

Actually my first ever sewed craft was this Christmas bag:

At school we had crafts (?) lessons, I guess I was around 10 when made this. It wasn’t my first sewing experience (thanks for my really super cool grandma!!), but at that time I really didn’t like it. The goal was to learn how to use a sewing machine and few more techniques (that’s why I  didn’t like).

I remembered this still cute bag as it’s also recycled- I used some left pieces of various materials (cotton, line..) and made something that’s still useful. Originally it was my Christmas gift for my mum but.. Now here I keep my crochet threads.

So, as today I found many already useless materials this little bag inspired me to try to do something new.  ((:

By the way, I have already finished sewing my dress, now wanted to start making the new one as I liked sewing very much but… firstly… it’s necessary to finish what’s already started  :DD