I really like victoria’s secret dresses, well, models them make to look very beautiful (It’s so bad that they put only models as normally dress won’t look so). And of course, I don’t live in USA and sending such a dress means not only a shipping pay but also and economical difference (1$= ~2,5lt). I had some navy material left after sewing a shawl and searched few dresses. Really liked 2 and suddenlly found 0ne amazing dress which exactly inspired me !!

After seeing many creative people and reading few sewing books decided to sew something bigger than simple apron, bag or tote. My grandma first told me I won’t sew it properly and I almost decided not to sew this projects but thanks one of my best friends Aistė who encouraged me. So, I started…

Firstly I prepared the material, made these ‘lines’ . The next time if I sew this or something similar I’ll know that it’s necessary from the beginning to mesure the dress outline as material squares were twice bigger and ‘lines’ in dress didn’t look so perfectly as I wanted. There was a lot of work as I wanted to have a good result, to say shortly- now to spend more time in learning in addition later to spend less time doing at first time good quality clothes.  Maybe the biggest mistake (for those who sew or plan to start sewing- don’t repeat this :DD) as firstly it was too loose and I already had sewed the left side of dress and was too lazy to resew, I only narrowed right side and later it looked just perfectly and the left side… Well, I had to resew and after 4-5 corrections it was almost the same as I wanted it to look !!!

I used this beautiful white lace to cover the back part of the bottom. This offered my grandma as her mother used to sew like this !! ((: And the lace is from these old times when my grandma was a little, so I feel much more special wearing this dress :DD

I really want to thank  my very close friend Gražvidas for the fotossesion, good ideas, patience, tasty tea, mmm.. yummy cookies (!!!), good mood and smile !! Now I can’t decide when I had more fun: sewing this dress or during photo production :DD surely I can’t compare these 2 ares, they have similar branches but at the same time are too different.  I also tried to change my hair, at the same time I want fringe and don’t. Maybe I’m too content with current hair as I can do almost everything with them, or maybe I’m scared of the  idea that they won’t stay straight after every morning ritual :DD   Maybe… one day ((: I also inherited  my mum’s wedding shoes, I am so happy !!! My mum’s and mine tastes are very different but these shoes are amazing and very comfortable. (: