So sunny Sunday- I love it !! Spring is coming, I can feel it, I can hear it, I can see it !! Sometimes I love to listen French music, really inspires me to create something or only to dream, to see things so positive. Music is a part of creativity, a part of being, a part of connection with hole world,  it’s a reason, process and solution…((:

Yesterday I discovered one very great singer and songwriter Camille, I love her music style, her songs have very deep meaning. Maybe this is it what I think to be French style when I’m asked. This is one of my favorites songs !!!

And this is when I feel sad or serious, when I remember older days or when I need love as a feeling…

Another my favorite singer is Pauline Croze, such a cosy music… she truly knows how to show feelings by song, by voice, by simple means…

Another singer, which music I like is M (Mathieu Chedid), a little bit crazy guy for a little bit crazy days and nights ((:

And finally  very popular singer, actress and model Vanessa Paradis and my favorite her song:

So beautiful outside, I have to walk, to breath this wonderful day’s air. I feel a little bad that’s my last vocations day and from tomorrow I’ll have to come back to university (isn’t that sad when somebody young, who maybe has to be full of motivation, says that ??), so I wish  you all a good day, smile, as smile shows that life is beautiful  ((: