Nor knitting, neither sewing…

Yes, it’s my newest handmade friend which I recycled from very old threads (and my grandma wanted to throw them). Firstly I wanted to make a little rug but as it would be very impractical decided to convert it to a little pillow.

I like these little bobbles, always remember how in a childhood helped my grandma to make them for national costumes or other accessories. I think it’s too difficult to explain how to make them by words as for me bigger help gives photos, like this one:

I like very much how it came out (fluffy fluffy fluffy), only a shape could be a little bit heart- shaped :DD

And of course, the biggest joy and happiness showed another fluffy which I own. Ūsė (in Lithuanian means ‘moustache’  (but gender feminine although correctly is masculine) ;D ). When I was making these bobbles she tried to play or to sleep over the bobbles ‘pill’ and finally curring went to sleep next to it. I’m pretty sure time to time she’ll steal it from me ;D