Everyone is an artist but only the artist knows it.

I maybe should start  from the beginning- threads. This little ‘twiddly’ helps to make many items including clothes, jewellery and etc. Yes, there are many crafters who knitt, sew and do many beautiful things, decorations which people enjoy. Humanity’s originality depends on technologies, science, social factors. For ex, who says about fashion ? In my opinion- materials factories. When new material comes up, for sell it they make new patterns, many magazines covers shows up with new clothes and little by little people start to think that’s great although before they might thought it was ugly (f. ex unnaturally bold colors fashion (pink, green, orange, etc..)). But I started talking about threads as I discovered interesting artist Gabriel Dawe who works with it:

I really like his works, very colorful and this is a great example of a crafter who uses various techniques (broidery, textile) and also for his art very important part gives light effects (this is what I meant in saying ‘originality depends on new technologies and possibilities) .

To continue, now a little bit about simple clothes: dress, pants, skirts, shirts and etc. I truly think that to make a beautiful clothes is an art. But to make the art from a simple part of clothes without remaking any detail – this is a modern ART.  Bela Borsodi showed it very well:

Such a visual art is awesome, really left me in a very good mood.

Finally, if art it’s possible to make with a simple piece of clothes, it’s more than possible to make from many clothes already put together. Guerra de la Paz is a team of artists (Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz) whose works are really impressive:

I like this artists common idea to use unnecessary stuff, it’s a way of recycle, it’s a way to show imagination, inspire others.

Art with buttons isn’t something shocking new, before few years saw on tv one old lady who now does ‘Button paintings’ , later found few works in few galleries. But I like Lisa Kokin art, her works really inspire !!

After seeing these works  more and more I understand that my passion is the visual art (=