Every year comes the time when shops are full of candies, chocolates, pluchies (toys) and all that sweet stuff reduces, red color becomes so popular and the heart shape appears almost everywhere. I think it’s very great that this fest is celebrated- ‘official permission to show your feelings’- as even the biggest stranger can seem normal. Also, this fest help people not to be afraid of showing their feelings, it encourages. It was quite interesting to know, when my Norwegian lecturer told us that when she was at school (now she’s 37) they didn’t celebrate Valentine, it’s new fest. In Lithuania it came also as pop culture’s influence as Halloween did, but this last-mentioned gets it’s popularity very slow…

About encouraging, it’s known that north people a considered as ‘more shy’, more ‘conservative’ people to compare with  south countries (Italy, Spain, France).  It’s true, till now many of my friends, people who I know are too shy to start talking with someone else who really likes, and there are many people who maybe ‘lost’ their true love only of a fear that ‘he/she doesn’t love/like me’ and etc in addition of such a shyness. I always remember my grandma’s youth stories how one lady told her in the street with very silence voice ‘Miss, your socks are in the wrong side’ as it was something ‘pervert’ or how boys of her university ‘checked’ girls locks as ‘making them instead of having naturally’ was something also called ‘incorrect behaviour ‘.  Of course, during my mom’s youth there was normal to have make-up, locks, they had their fashion ‘standard’ , but to speak loudly about deep feelings, love, experiences was something that almost everybody kept for himself. As now it’s my youth, to compare with my relatives, I can see that now girls have very big rule in common life, it became normal be more active, to show first some signs instead of waiting boy’s attention. And of course- all tv’s influence, movies, pop culture.. I really don’t like what is shown on tv , ‘too opened’ lives, perversity, ways how are showed crimes and social differences (I don’t think this is a means to entertain people, kids)  but I have to admit that I like that way how people changed, mentality about woman and man, perception of rights and duties, education.

Well, as st. Valentine’s day  is coming and surely tomorrow I won’t have free time to write (thanks to my busy busy Monday’s schedule), and this is such a special day for so many people, I would like to share few photos which are cute and which I like time to time to watch, which inspire ((:

So, happy Valentine’s day for those, who are in love, who dream about it, who wait it or maybe who remember good past times, lovely eyes, smile and joy… It’s really better when be angry or feel lonely ((;