There are many people who love to eat well, who enjoy eating tasty food and the aesthetic view of it. Food is a very important part of hole life, it’s not only used for humans being, it keeps the movement of creativity.


One is to imitate food by making clothes and it’ll look original. Another is to make clothes using food. I found this great post and liked it as it’s well classified and very informative. Funny was that I discovered it after I started writing about ways how food is connected with fashion and clothes and.. Voila ! This shortened my writing as it talks more by itself  ((: Another great artist and little of his works here .


Ju Duoqi is an amazing artist who recreate famous paintings by using vegetables and fruits:

Food crafts

I can watch and watch photos of food, catch ideas or inspiration.I liked this post with sandwiches as I love them. Another photo just to add:


I’m sure there are plenty of items but these items made me smile- what’s better than sleeping in your favorite meal’s bed ?  ((: