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For the lovely and shinny morning !! Also, here’s the link how to prepare the heart cake, loved that idea and hope one day to make one by myself !! ((:


Before few years my grandma had given me this necklace:

I didn’t like those bolds were so small. So I decided to add few ribbons and now the result:

I like the way how it turned out and I’m pretty sure that from now on this necklace will be used more than once ((:
During these days I felt so exhausted and even can’t say directly why.. So making handcrafts really relaxed ! right now have an idea to remake my old clothes or to add some decor details…

I had an old sweater which I really didn’t like :

And I found this picture which was posted in previous post.  I liked that idea very much so I tried to make something similar. I only sewed the bottom line against instead of rolling it ant taping.

I love this new very big scarf !! I’m pretty sure today was the most warm day of this week as starting from tomorrow it’s going to be cold again )): So today I had a big walk, coffee break and really enjoyed nice day, thanks for Eglė ((; Still with my navy gumboots as out of town where I live snow still melts and it’s the forest is still too damp…

All photos via Love this site !! I caught many good ideas, especially loved ‘Knit circle scarf” or ‘striped vase’ , hope to make something ((: Recently I have been thinking about converting old sweater to a handbag or to cut old T-shirt’s back. But still something stops me… Maybe as I don’t want to start knowing that right now I won’t have enough free time. Anyway, once again I love this site’s idea, hope this also inspire you !! ((:

I’ve bought new very nice material before 4 months and finally I know what I want to make from it !! These photos helped to catch an inspiration ((:


hope to make this soon. i also have to make photos of my second dress which I had made before few weeks.. (:

This is one of these posts when photos say more than any words could say…

Last summer one of my best friends and I made big one month’s trip around France. We hitchhiked visited 8/26 regions (Île-de-France, Centre, Pays de la Loire, Bretagne, Basse-Normandie, Haute-Normandie, Picardie, Nord-Pas-de-Calais), 15 cities. One of them was Rouen which I liked very very very much. I remember it with smile as my host (we travelled with couchsurfing) were amazingly nice and helpful and.. Next semester I am going to study there with ERASMUS. so, to remember what was nice:





This is absolutely one of things what I’ve put to my future home list !!! Love this decor idea, generally love forests, to spend my time by walking there, feel that energy, to dream. I usually say, that I really love my city Vilnius: there are so many places there a countryside overpasses the city, you can sit on the grass, watch the river flowing and in the other it’s side big skyscrapers, cars, everything that gives a big city’s impression. Maybe this decor  idea has the same, in a modern home it’s possible to have something what reminds countryside, forests, nature, gives a feel of it’s touch. I’m absolutely lucky, as my house is near a forest, my parents love plants and flowers and right now it’s simple unnecessary but I thought about many people who live in big cities and to reach the nearest park or simple bench near few trees it  takes 20 minutes by foot or more. This gives the feeling of keeping in touch with nature. And myself I don’t where I live after 2, 5, 1o years, so this idea inspires (:

This post is related to one of previous posts when I wrote about recycling and wardrobe treasures. It’s so interesting to remake some already unnecessary items. Before maybe one year I needed a vase and I don’t like how they usually look like: some old ladies style or too bold. So I liked vine bottle’s shape and I used decoupage technique, now here I keep dried roses and this is my favorite ‘vase’ (:

Yesterday I finished decorating another bottle, this was just an experiment. Still I like it as it’ll be used more as decoration. I’ve put it next to some of my previous pottery works and other mom’s vases. (:

Hope these ideas will help to catch an inspiration and to create something by yourself (:




Love socks…. And can’t wait when the really warm weather comes  !!!

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