This is absolutely one of things what I’ve put to my future home list !!! Love this decor idea, generally love forests, to spend my time by walking there, feel that energy, to dream. I usually say, that I really love my city Vilnius: there are so many places there a countryside overpasses the city, you can sit on the grass, watch the river flowing and in the other it’s side big skyscrapers, cars, everything that gives a big city’s impression. Maybe this decor  idea has the same, in a modern home it’s possible to have something what reminds countryside, forests, nature, gives a feel of it’s touch. I’m absolutely lucky, as my house is near a forest, my parents love plants and flowers and right now it’s simple unnecessary but I thought about many people who live in big cities and to reach the nearest park or simple bench near few trees it  takes 20 minutes by foot or more. This gives the feeling of keeping in touch with nature. And myself I don’t where I live after 2, 5, 1o years, so this idea inspires (: