I had made them before few months and only now have made photos… This is really easy pattern which I found in burdastyle . I found many examples which really inspired me:


So, as I like so much recycling idea I decided to try to make one by myself. I didn’t want to buy some material just for a try as I had one idea in my head. So I used my old clothes: knitted dress, some old material and the lining material was part from my bedding. also I added 2 extra pockets inside of it. Also made from carton some ‘side parts’ –> right now my bag has a shape ((: Here’s the result:


I liked this one so much that decided to make another one :DD Also recycled from some already left materials. For lining part used my grandma’s old pants. Also made extra pocket inside and another one (brown which you can see) outside and made the same ”carton shape” as in previous bag but this time only for the bottom part. And added some decor parts, still don’t know if they were necessary but I  didn’t like only grey.. Here’s it:


Like this bag as it’s quite easy to make and there I can put almost hole my stuff :DD Really practical item ((: