So beautiful morning and day… Since very early childhood I knew that this day is special- it’s spirit, all traditions, games which we played. I remember how with brothers, cousins and friends we went asking ‘gifts’ in neighbourhood, games with eggs, all cuisine and that feeling of already come in spring (((:

Today we celebrated quite calm, only as always my parents made a revolution in the kitchen: prepared too many dishes ((: Here are few pictures from today’s table (which was really big): mom baked 2 pies, I like them very much, every time she uses different ingredients (berries, fruits, apples, etc..). Also we painted traditionally eggs with herbs. And I really wanted to try to make something new, so.. made tiramisu (really love it !!)  



I found it’s recipe here, it’s a pity here it’s in Lithuanian but as it’s really traditional, surely in net there are plenty of them ((:

Hope you also enjoy your Easter, time which you can spend with very important persons ((: