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Another nice way how to reuse some items. This was the start of using decoupage technique. Actually I needed few boxes to put my clothes in the wardrobe as it was really too messy. And I didn’t want to buy them. I remembered that in one magazine there was photo instructions how to decorate with napkins but unfortunately I didn’t find it. So I googled and found instructions. Interesting was that there were only few people hooked by this technique and after 1 year it became a fashion thing. Still.. These were my very first projects and I want to share this idea: recycling, reusing, saving money and etc ((: Here are few examples:


This box I decorated using old newspapers. Wanted something black & white. I used white acrylic paint,  only sticked newspaper pieces  with special glue and used very simple acrylic varnish.


And this one was one of my firsts boxes: I mixes acrylic white paint with a little of blue gouache  and sticked over it (dry of course) few napkins and finished work also by using simple acrylic varnish. That’s all ((:

It’s a pity that right now I don’t have any free time: nor for new projects. neither for any private life and free time.. Well, won’t here put my disasters and tiredness.. Wish you all nice Friday ((:


During these days I’m really busy (uff…) : work, preparing for exams and studies but still hope to reach this period of my life !!

Well, recently I wanted to share with you one of my very old ideas by making very easy  and very simple earrings !!



I’ve just glued the little metal stripe to the back part of bottom, and  that’s it- easy and fast work  (: Also, I didn’t cut in the back part that plastic part of bottom but for me it was unnecessary as it doesn’t disturb me, but few friends of mine made this and they look little bit better ((:

Although I start working from today and I won’t be making some delicious joys in my kitchen, but still I wanted to share with you 3 cool recipe ideas which I found during my blogging.

Here’s brocoli cake, which I found here:
This is such a great  idea for the Earth day or simply for nice dinner :DD I added this recipe to my ‘future preparing’ list.

I loved this idea how to make egg salad !! Really original and interesting solution how to surprise Easter event’s guests ((: Recipe is here: And this is also another recipe in my future list :DD

I was making something similar mixing corn crisps with honey and nuts or caramel and a little butter. But seems to be more crazy, ha :DD Recipe is here:

Hope you also like these recipes and they inspire you ((:

As I won’t be connected hole weekend (yes, this means ‘opening summer  job season’) I wish you to have a nice weekend ((:

This is one of the easiest but really cute projects which I’ve ever made. I don’t know if you remember but before few weeks I recycled old sweater:


So I had sleeves left. I didn’t throw them away (hm.. I guess in some cases it might look greediness than frugality). Still I had idea to use a part of them somewhere. And suddenly I got an idea: wristlets !!


So I cut the top of sleeve and sew it. Measured my hand and narrowed how much I needed. In the right is photo how looks the back of it.


I wanted to make some decor so added bows made of ribbon (once again bows.. 🙂 )


I like how they came out. Hope this will help you to make your own wristlets. Have a nice day ((:

These were the last of my recycling T-shirts projects. Really like them !!! Firstly they were big, simple T-shirt (size L):


In the back I cut out the heart shape. Still I didn’t like as it was simple and really didn’t look like a heart. I got an old dress which is in my future recycling projects:


As it was too long for me I made it little shorter. So I had free material which I wanted to use in decorating this opened heart T-shirts. I used a little of this material to make the heart shape ‘bolder’ if I could say so:


So the back part I liked for really bad quality but I only had free time for very quick photo shot  //: ). Still in front was a promotional note so I wanted to hide and and made big bow. Really like making them :DD


Once again really sorry for bad photos’ quality //: I have already worn them during a family meet, grandma liked them 😀 Really comfortable but IF it’s not too windy outside… Right now I hope to find a good inspiration to resew that old dress which I got from trades (I’ll talk about them in my next post) ((: