These were the last of my recycling T-shirts projects. Really like them !!! Firstly they were big, simple T-shirt (size L):


In the back I cut out the heart shape. Still I didn’t like as it was simple and really didn’t look like a heart. I got an old dress which is in my future recycling projects:


As it was too long for me I made it little shorter. So I had free material which I wanted to use in decorating this opened heart T-shirts. I used a little of this material to make the heart shape ‘bolder’ if I could say so:


So the back part I liked for really bad quality but I only had free time for very quick photo shot  //: ). Still in front was a promotional note so I wanted to hide and and made big bow. Really like making them :DD


Once again really sorry for bad photos’ quality //: I have already worn them during a family meet, grandma liked them 😀 Really comfortable but IF it’s not too windy outside… Right now I hope to find a good inspiration to resew that old dress which I got from trades (I’ll talk about them in my next post) ((: