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Yes.. So fast came the end of the summer. Today I’ve talked with my dad that it’s really strange how the weather is changing here: now June u more used to me a month of spring and September is more hot, like a month of summer. Also every time and season has it’s own feeling and mode. I like falling leaves, rainy days, but I need something warm to feel myself very cosy and comfortable.  Here’s little of my outfits inspiration.               


I hope this also inspire you and you’ll also enjoy the start of fall.

Xo xo,



I’ve had had trades before few months I got these vintage style shoes:

I liked these photos how they look like, but on feet it didn’t look so well, as the front part was too small and it was really uncomfortable to walk,  so I decided to change a little bit.


I added ruffles, little strap and 2 buttons as a decoration. The nicest part is that they are really comfortable right now ((:















I really love this kind of dresses (shirt-dress) as they are very comfy. I didn’t want to buy one, but thought I could make one by myself. And this was my little inspiration:


But as I had less and less free time and I think to sew something like this needs a lot of time or actually more experience, decided this is not a project for a fast and quick result. I should say I was really lucky as I found very old mom’s robe which I didn’t like to wear but neither could throw away:


So I thought this could be great, only I need to  change the color and maybe to make it shorter, so I bought black paint for material and tried it, here’s the result:

The color is between grey and green, neutral. I liked it and actually this time it didn’t seem too long, so I didn’t make any more changes:

I like the result and how now it looks, and I liked changing color so right now decided to change more old clothes, will see how it will turn out. And what’s really surprising- that this costed me only 3 of Lithuanian money to buy the paint and well, few hours changing, that’s all ((: