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Heee… Although this event had passed before few weeks I still want to share with you guys  :))

Kitchen is really the best place to ave a really nice chat. It’s the place there I can share my ideas and opened heart accept ideas from others. Maybe this is also one of reasons why I passed so much time in the kitchen this summer (or maybe not 😉 )

Actually, I had a very great cooker next to me 😉




So, starting with the very first dinner (still remember so firstly time good prepared shrimps which I tasted) , the Arabic dinner,  simple pic-nics, so cosy breakfast times, Turkish meal , Hungarian pancakes and finally amazing soups !! Everything was really really great, I really felt as I had traveled a lot  as with traditional meal we listened that region traditional music. So.. This is what I decided to make as a birthday present:

As you can see from photos the gift was accepted with joy. Unfortunately after the very first washing I saw my decoupage technique mistake: paintings were almost gone //: (still hope to fix this in the future). The longest part was making this phrase. But, I think this cred is worth this job ;))

So this is ho we work :))

Oh.. and honey, trust me, your pizza was really the best in the world !!! ;)*


Such a beautiful day- the first week in this autumn and so great, really love it !!! Although I have to study for my exams which rest for me but also don’t forget making new things. I had this bold blue color bolero  and I didn’t like so much so tried to change color into the black. Actually it’s between black/blue but I like it, right now it’s more comfortable, I can use it with more outfits. Only I didn’t think  at first that threads won’t change the color.. So at first I tried to resew it but finally decided that it’s more interesting with this mix of colors. ((: