Heh.. Spring came ;)) As it came, I also came back with my new inspiration and quite old works (i’m sorry who I upset by being disappeared from my blog, about this I’ll write next time). So… Last summer I finished by making just little stuff… and it’s nice to remember as I’m again in this ”gipsy” mood: that messy style, bold colors, crazy music and life style.  I only miss long skirt, it used to suit quite well with these earrings ;DD

I had a white jumper which I wanted to change. I used a decoupage technique by sticking different elements  of various serviettes. firstly it was a cd’s form with picture of 3 musicians, little jazz band and next to it few musical instruments and some sheets. After washing it my ”art” half disappeared (one can see the result above). Good that it looked better ((: I love this jumper till now and it’s one of my favorites.