This is one of my quite old projects (as I still am in the progress with new ones) but for my blog it’s a new presentation. Last summer I got an old dress: this as how I made trade in one site and I was really happy about that. One part I used in recycling old T-shirt  . Later I decided to remake it and made a short dress, some kind of a shirt dress. I only added photos of before/after as I cut the bottom part and made it narrow. And I’m happy with the result:









And here’s the result of my little change (I’m sorry that I have only one photo, maybe later will make more):











As always the most important that there are many ways how from very old stuff one can make something newfangled (:

Another good news is that tomorrow I’m going to receive a sewing dummy !!  So, this is I guess the biggest reason why I’m so in a mood to sew again ;D