In October with friends we went to Barcelona and passed really cool weekend. Firstly it was still nice weather (to compare with North France) and all the city was moving. Also it was interesting the start of this journey: how I and Kamilė hitch-hiked to the airport (although it was raining and although between Rouen and airport is ~80km and  it took maybe 6hours for us to come there). Also that we girls hardly remembered our coming back stage. To sum up, I can only say that I liked it very much.  Because I liked it, I still remember it ((:

Live music, happiness, colors, sangria, the Mediterranean sea, palms, paella, Gaudi (whose architecture impressed a lot). It’s really a city to go with friends. It’s really the city of parties,  adventures, questions (how or who remembers)… Thank you girls for super cool company, laugh, good memories and better photos (especially for Milda and Kamilė whose photos I share). Hope we will repeat our journey !!! ((: