Firstly, I’m very very happy as spring finally came (it seems that it came as you never can trust what meteo man says). Yesterday we celebrated one of my good friends birthday, we had a really nice time, maybe later I share some shots (still I have to wait for them) !! It was nice to walk around the city, although the night was quite cold. How I love to walk from one place, to another, small talks, enjoy of atmosphere !!! This gives a feeling of summer. It’s true that the sun and warm weather gives positives feelings, one’s motivation to be outgoing and active.

This week I’m in very flower mood: I want flowers and colors on myself and around me. Maybe that’s why for the start of this week I chose my recycled dress and with light but bold green sweater it turned quite spring-like combination:


























This outfit really made me happy as this dress was a successful project ((:

I also wanted to share with my yesterday’s outfit: flowered fabric dress, purple tights, jeans jacket, boots and black jewellery and my button made earrings:
































This is how I welcome spring ((: I’m also right now in a mood ”red” as I have inspiration to make something. Also I’m very happy as I’ve finished my third dress, this one is vintage style, opened back, black one. I haven’t still made my photo shoots for the second one which I made in summer. Hope during these weeks to make it and finally to show you !!!!

hope you also enjoy a very nice start of spring and sunny weekend,