Hey !!! I don’t know what’s going on with me: maybe I’m so in love or maybe I’m too bored at university as I’m more and more in crafts again… I think I’m not the only one who loves men shirt: wearing them it’s so comfy ((: Usually at home I wear some old from my brothers or sneak to dad’s wardrobe. Or really big sizes could be used as dresses as well. I found some really interesting photos and very inspiring ideas, I hope to try some of them very soon !!!  Here you can see them:























































I especially loved the first dress, it’s really easy to recycle the old shirt or from not so loved ones to make a very comfy dress (which maybe will be more loved ;)) ).  I have already tried to wear the shirt as a blouse (you can see in the last photo) and it really worked well !! These combinations are really cool and funny.

I hope this also inspires you too !!

By the way, all photos are via weheartit 😉

Have a nice evening,