Hey !! I hope you all have a great time as I do. I’m on spring vacation and went to Russia, to St. Petersburg, one of the best cities in the world I guess !! But about my trip I talk next time ((;

I want to share my latest very fast to do handmade. The story is that I missed my plane to Russia (yeah… sometimes it happens). I was really nervous and disappointed about myself and thanks to my love that he reacted so fast and wasn’t so mad on me (I love you:)* ). As I had few free hours more, (and I was still so nervous and disappointed), moving from one corner to another, playing the piano 5min and moving again, taking a sip of tea and moving again, I found a stone. It was a quick idea and also good that I had all items needed.






What you’ll need:   -a ring base (they’re usually in making jewellery stores);

– a stone, a shell or whatever you like (or you find during a walk);

– glue;







Add some glue.







Press the ring base onto the glue.







Add some more glue around and on top of the base of the ring so that it holds better.

Let it dry. Voilà !

It’s easy to do and I can’t complain about the result and the price to make it !! ((:

Hope this also inspires you,