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Hey !! I hope you all have a great time as I do. I’m on spring vacation and went to Russia, to St. Petersburg, one of the best cities in the world I guess !! But about my trip I talk next time ((;

I want to share my latest very fast to do handmade. The story is that I missed my plane to Russia (yeah… sometimes it happens). I was really nervous and disappointed about myself and thanks to my love that he reacted so fast and wasn’t so mad on me (I love you:)* ). As I had few free hours more, (and I was still so nervous and disappointed), moving from one corner to another, playing the piano 5min and moving again, taking a sip of tea and moving again, I found a stone. It was a quick idea and also good that I had all items needed.






What you’ll need:   -a ring base (they’re usually in making jewellery stores);

– a stone, a shell or whatever you like (or you find during a walk);

– glue;







Add some glue.







Press the ring base onto the glue.







Add some more glue around and on top of the base of the ring so that it holds better.

Let it dry. Voilà !

It’s easy to do and I can’t complain about the result and the price to make it !! ((:

Hope this also inspires you,


Heh.. Spring came ;)) As it came, I also came back with my new inspiration and quite old works (i’m sorry who I upset by being disappeared from my blog, about this I’ll write next time). So… Last summer I finished by making just little stuff… and it’s nice to remember as I’m again in this ”gipsy” mood: that messy style, bold colors, crazy music and life style.  I only miss long skirt, it used to suit quite well with these earrings ;DD

I had a white jumper which I wanted to change. I used a decoupage technique by sticking different elements  of various serviettes. firstly it was a cd’s form with picture of 3 musicians, little jazz band and next to it few musical instruments and some sheets. After washing it my ”art” half disappeared (one can see the result above). Good that it looked better ((: I love this jumper till now and it’s one of my favorites.












Heee… Although this event had passed before few weeks I still want to share with you guys  :))

Kitchen is really the best place to ave a really nice chat. It’s the place there I can share my ideas and opened heart accept ideas from others. Maybe this is also one of reasons why I passed so much time in the kitchen this summer (or maybe not 😉 )

Actually, I had a very great cooker next to me 😉




So, starting with the very first dinner (still remember so firstly time good prepared shrimps which I tasted) , the Arabic dinner,  simple pic-nics, so cosy breakfast times, Turkish meal , Hungarian pancakes and finally amazing soups !! Everything was really really great, I really felt as I had traveled a lot  as with traditional meal we listened that region traditional music. So.. This is what I decided to make as a birthday present:

As you can see from photos the gift was accepted with joy. Unfortunately after the very first washing I saw my decoupage technique mistake: paintings were almost gone //: (still hope to fix this in the future). The longest part was making this phrase. But, I think this cred is worth this job ;))

So this is ho we work :))

Oh.. and honey, trust me, your pizza was really the best in the world !!! ;)*

I really love this kind of dresses (shirt-dress) as they are very comfy. I didn’t want to buy one, but thought I could make one by myself. And this was my little inspiration:


But as I had less and less free time and I think to sew something like this needs a lot of time or actually more experience, decided this is not a project for a fast and quick result. I should say I was really lucky as I found very old mom’s robe which I didn’t like to wear but neither could throw away:


So I thought this could be great, only I need to  change the color and maybe to make it shorter, so I bought black paint for material and tried it, here’s the result:

The color is between grey and green, neutral. I liked it and actually this time it didn’t seem too long, so I didn’t make any more changes:

I like the result and how now it looks, and I liked changing color so right now decided to change more old clothes, will see how it will turn out. And what’s really surprising- that this costed me only 3 of Lithuanian money to buy the paint and well, few hours changing, that’s all ((:

Another nice way how to reuse some items. This was the start of using decoupage technique. Actually I needed few boxes to put my clothes in the wardrobe as it was really too messy. And I didn’t want to buy them. I remembered that in one magazine there was photo instructions how to decorate with napkins but unfortunately I didn’t find it. So I googled and found instructions. Interesting was that there were only few people hooked by this technique and after 1 year it became a fashion thing. Still.. These were my very first projects and I want to share this idea: recycling, reusing, saving money and etc ((: Here are few examples:


This box I decorated using old newspapers. Wanted something black & white. I used white acrylic paint,  only sticked newspaper pieces  with special glue and used very simple acrylic varnish.


And this one was one of my firsts boxes: I mixes acrylic white paint with a little of blue gouache  and sticked over it (dry of course) few napkins and finished work also by using simple acrylic varnish. That’s all ((:

It’s a pity that right now I don’t have any free time: nor for new projects. neither for any private life and free time.. Well, won’t here put my disasters and tiredness.. Wish you all nice Friday ((:

During these days I’m really busy (uff…) : work, preparing for exams and studies but still hope to reach this period of my life !!

Well, recently I wanted to share with you one of my very old ideas by making very easy  and very simple earrings !!



I’ve just glued the little metal stripe to the back part of bottom, and  that’s it- easy and fast work  (: Also, I didn’t cut in the back part that plastic part of bottom but for me it was unnecessary as it doesn’t disturb me, but few friends of mine made this and they look little bit better ((:

This is one of the easiest but really cute projects which I’ve ever made. I don’t know if you remember but before few weeks I recycled old sweater:


So I had sleeves left. I didn’t throw them away (hm.. I guess in some cases it might look greediness than frugality). Still I had idea to use a part of them somewhere. And suddenly I got an idea: wristlets !!


So I cut the top of sleeve and sew it. Measured my hand and narrowed how much I needed. In the right is photo how looks the back of it.


I wanted to make some decor so added bows made of ribbon (once again bows.. 🙂 )


I like how they came out. Hope this will help you to make your own wristlets. Have a nice day ((:

I was so inspired during few days so finished this collection which started creating a while ago…

Yesterday I made 2 pairs and today took photos. Really like them (:




I also started making other earrings which I hope to show you soon. Hope this inspires ((:

And I wish all of you to have a nice Saturday evening  !!

I really don’t much like hair accessories except simple black hair band… But bows are something sweet. I had an old sweater:

which I had recycled before month or more and had many lefts which I didn’t throw away. I wanted to make something but didn’t know what. And one day I was inspired by hair bows. It’s something what I think to be cute but I don’t like wearing it on myself…



I like it as it’s different from other bows which I had or still have.. If you are interested in making bows I offer to visit this site . I really like it, got many new ideas and I liked photo explanations ((:

Also I’m very happy that finally the weather is absolutely beautiful, it’s really a taste of summer. Hope you also really enjoy your spring and all the mix of colors ((:

This is a very very very old project, I made it maybe one year ago or more.. I was so hooked by decoupage technique so decided to try it in decorating clothes. Had an old T-shirt tried it.



I also had to narrow it as hips part was too loose. I think it’s quite easy, fast  and cheap way in decorating and making from old stuff new one. It only takes time thinking about what exactly should be glued up, also it takes time while it becomes dried. The last step is ironing. I like these special glue as it’s even possible to wash in the washing machine. I made another shirt but my ‘decor paint’ had a little accident but still I like it. Maybe one day will show you (((: