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Hey !!! I don’t know what’s going on with me: maybe I’m so in love or maybe I’m too bored at university as I’m more and more in crafts again… I think I’m not the only one who loves men shirt: wearing them it’s so comfy ((: Usually at home I wear some old from my brothers or sneak to dad’s wardrobe. Or really big sizes could be used as dresses as well. I found some really interesting photos and very inspiring ideas, I hope to try some of them very soon !!!  Here you can see them:























































I especially loved the first dress, it’s really easy to recycle the old shirt or from not so loved ones to make a very comfy dress (which maybe will be more loved ;)) ).  I have already tried to wear the shirt as a blouse (you can see in the last photo) and it really worked well !! These combinations are really cool and funny.

I hope this also inspires you too !!

By the way, all photos are via weheartit 😉

Have a nice evening,



It’s funny and at the same time interesting how style changes, likes and wishes. When I was little my mom all the time bought me pink color clothes as they suited me very well. I liked it but  when my wardrobe became ”sweet pink dream” I began to hate it. Similar was with bold colors clothes..So I had a ‘no pink’  and ‘serious colors’ period. Interesting is that this spring, when so beautiful days arrived  this color came back to my life. Bold colors. I mean, I like it again. These photos inspired me, I’m in a mood to be little happiness with boots and doughty skirt or yellow sweater with green green jeans, to go to pick flowers or to jump and catch butterflies. Oo, those bold sunny rosy days… I missed that time (:




























Some of ideas which I like to share with you, my dear readers ((: This is what I have liked since my childhood. And as right now there are so many many possibilities (one can buy chalboard paint or even make it by oneself !!), it’s only one’s inspiration and realization ((: Myself, I have already little board on which I stick some photos of my dreams and goals, and do some notes. One friend of mine told me about here ‘motivation’ board and this really helps !! during one year I reached all my goals, so now it’s only decision of new ones and how fast I’ll reach them (: Anyway, coming back to chalkboards, as you can see from photos, it’s not only a means of studying or a decor part, one can make also little gifts with it !!!












































Heee… Although this event had passed before few weeks I still want to share with you guys  :))

Kitchen is really the best place to ave a really nice chat. It’s the place there I can share my ideas and opened heart accept ideas from others. Maybe this is also one of reasons why I passed so much time in the kitchen this summer (or maybe not 😉 )

Actually, I had a very great cooker next to me 😉




So, starting with the very first dinner (still remember so firstly time good prepared shrimps which I tasted) , the Arabic dinner,  simple pic-nics, so cosy breakfast times, Turkish meal , Hungarian pancakes and finally amazing soups !! Everything was really really great, I really felt as I had traveled a lot  as with traditional meal we listened that region traditional music. So.. This is what I decided to make as a birthday present:

As you can see from photos the gift was accepted with joy. Unfortunately after the very first washing I saw my decoupage technique mistake: paintings were almost gone //: (still hope to fix this in the future). The longest part was making this phrase. But, I think this cred is worth this job ;))

So this is ho we work :))

Oh.. and honey, trust me, your pizza was really the best in the world !!! ;)*

Yes.. So fast came the end of the summer. Today I’ve talked with my dad that it’s really strange how the weather is changing here: now June u more used to me a month of spring and September is more hot, like a month of summer. Also every time and season has it’s own feeling and mode. I like falling leaves, rainy days, but I need something warm to feel myself very cosy and comfortable.  Here’s little of my outfits inspiration.               


I hope this also inspire you and you’ll also enjoy the start of fall.

Xo xo,


I really love this kind of dresses (shirt-dress) as they are very comfy. I didn’t want to buy one, but thought I could make one by myself. And this was my little inspiration:


But as I had less and less free time and I think to sew something like this needs a lot of time or actually more experience, decided this is not a project for a fast and quick result. I should say I was really lucky as I found very old mom’s robe which I didn’t like to wear but neither could throw away:


So I thought this could be great, only I need to  change the color and maybe to make it shorter, so I bought black paint for material and tried it, here’s the result:

The color is between grey and green, neutral. I liked it and actually this time it didn’t seem too long, so I didn’t make any more changes:

I like the result and how now it looks, and I liked changing color so right now decided to change more old clothes, will see how it will turn out. And what’s really surprising- that this costed me only 3 of Lithuanian money to buy the paint and well, few hours changing, that’s all ((:

Another nice way how to reuse some items. This was the start of using decoupage technique. Actually I needed few boxes to put my clothes in the wardrobe as it was really too messy. And I didn’t want to buy them. I remembered that in one magazine there was photo instructions how to decorate with napkins but unfortunately I didn’t find it. So I googled and found instructions. Interesting was that there were only few people hooked by this technique and after 1 year it became a fashion thing. Still.. These were my very first projects and I want to share this idea: recycling, reusing, saving money and etc ((: Here are few examples:


This box I decorated using old newspapers. Wanted something black & white. I used white acrylic paint,  only sticked newspaper pieces  with special glue and used very simple acrylic varnish.


And this one was one of my firsts boxes: I mixes acrylic white paint with a little of blue gouache  and sticked over it (dry of course) few napkins and finished work also by using simple acrylic varnish. That’s all ((:

It’s a pity that right now I don’t have any free time: nor for new projects. neither for any private life and free time.. Well, won’t here put my disasters and tiredness.. Wish you all nice Friday ((:

During these days I’m really busy (uff…) : work, preparing for exams and studies but still hope to reach this period of my life !!

Well, recently I wanted to share with you one of my very old ideas by making very easy  and very simple earrings !!



I’ve just glued the little metal stripe to the back part of bottom, and  that’s it- easy and fast work  (: Also, I didn’t cut in the back part that plastic part of bottom but for me it was unnecessary as it doesn’t disturb me, but few friends of mine made this and they look little bit better ((:

Although I start working from today and I won’t be making some delicious joys in my kitchen, but still I wanted to share with you 3 cool recipe ideas which I found during my blogging.

Here’s brocoli cake, which I found here:
This is such a great  idea for the Earth day or simply for nice dinner :DD I added this recipe to my ‘future preparing’ list.

I loved this idea how to make egg salad !! Really original and interesting solution how to surprise Easter event’s guests ((: Recipe is here: And this is also another recipe in my future list :DD

I was making something similar mixing corn crisps with honey and nuts or caramel and a little butter. But seems to be more crazy, ha :DD Recipe is here:

Hope you also like these recipes and they inspire you ((:

As I won’t be connected hole weekend (yes, this means ‘opening summer  job season’) I wish you to have a nice weekend ((:

This is one of the easiest but really cute projects which I’ve ever made. I don’t know if you remember but before few weeks I recycled old sweater:


So I had sleeves left. I didn’t throw them away (hm.. I guess in some cases it might look greediness than frugality). Still I had idea to use a part of them somewhere. And suddenly I got an idea: wristlets !!


So I cut the top of sleeve and sew it. Measured my hand and narrowed how much I needed. In the right is photo how looks the back of it.


I wanted to make some decor so added bows made of ribbon (once again bows.. 🙂 )


I like how they came out. Hope this will help you to make your own wristlets. Have a nice day ((: