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Firstly, I’m very very happy as spring finally came (it seems that it came as you never can trust what meteo man says). Yesterday we celebrated one of my good friends birthday, we had a really nice time, maybe later I share some shots (still I have to wait for them) !! It was nice to walk around the city, although the night was quite cold. How I love to walk from one place, to another, small talks, enjoy of atmosphere !!! This gives a feeling of summer. It’s true that the sun and warm weather gives positives feelings, one’s motivation to be outgoing and active.

This week I’m in very flower mood: I want flowers and colors on myself and around me. Maybe that’s why for the start of this week I chose my recycled dress and with light but bold green sweater it turned quite spring-like combination:


























This outfit really made me happy as this dress was a successful project ((:

I also wanted to share with my yesterday’s outfit: flowered fabric dress, purple tights, jeans jacket, boots and black jewellery and my button made earrings:
































This is how I welcome spring ((: I’m also right now in a mood ”red” as I have inspiration to make something. Also I’m very happy as I’ve finished my third dress, this one is vintage style, opened back, black one. I haven’t still made my photo shoots for the second one which I made in summer. Hope during these weeks to make it and finally to show you !!!!

hope you also enjoy a very nice start of spring and sunny weekend,




In October with friends we went to Barcelona and passed really cool weekend. Firstly it was still nice weather (to compare with North France) and all the city was moving. Also it was interesting the start of this journey: how I and Kamilė hitch-hiked to the airport (although it was raining and although between Rouen and airport is ~80km and  it took maybe 6hours for us to come there). Also that we girls hardly remembered our coming back stage. To sum up, I can only say that I liked it very much.  Because I liked it, I still remember it ((:

Live music, happiness, colors, sangria, the Mediterranean sea, palms, paella, Gaudi (whose architecture impressed a lot). It’s really a city to go with friends. It’s really the city of parties,  adventures, questions (how or who remembers)… Thank you girls for super cool company, laugh, good memories and better photos (especially for Milda and Kamilė whose photos I share). Hope we will repeat our journey !!! ((:

Heee… Although this event had passed before few weeks I still want to share with you guys  :))

Kitchen is really the best place to ave a really nice chat. It’s the place there I can share my ideas and opened heart accept ideas from others. Maybe this is also one of reasons why I passed so much time in the kitchen this summer (or maybe not 😉 )

Actually, I had a very great cooker next to me 😉




So, starting with the very first dinner (still remember so firstly time good prepared shrimps which I tasted) , the Arabic dinner,  simple pic-nics, so cosy breakfast times, Turkish meal , Hungarian pancakes and finally amazing soups !! Everything was really really great, I really felt as I had traveled a lot  as with traditional meal we listened that region traditional music. So.. This is what I decided to make as a birthday present:

As you can see from photos the gift was accepted with joy. Unfortunately after the very first washing I saw my decoupage technique mistake: paintings were almost gone //: (still hope to fix this in the future). The longest part was making this phrase. But, I think this cred is worth this job ;))

So this is ho we work :))

Oh.. and honey, trust me, your pizza was really the best in the world !!! ;)*

I’ve had had trades before few months I got these vintage style shoes:

I liked these photos how they look like, but on feet it didn’t look so well, as the front part was too small and it was really uncomfortable to walk,  so I decided to change a little bit.


I added ruffles, little strap and 2 buttons as a decoration. The nicest part is that they are really comfortable right now ((:















This is one of the easiest but really cute projects which I’ve ever made. I don’t know if you remember but before few weeks I recycled old sweater:


So I had sleeves left. I didn’t throw them away (hm.. I guess in some cases it might look greediness than frugality). Still I had idea to use a part of them somewhere. And suddenly I got an idea: wristlets !!


So I cut the top of sleeve and sew it. Measured my hand and narrowed how much I needed. In the right is photo how looks the back of it.


I wanted to make some decor so added bows made of ribbon (once again bows.. 🙂 )


I like how they came out. Hope this will help you to make your own wristlets. Have a nice day ((:

I was so inspired during few days so finished this collection which started creating a while ago…

Yesterday I made 2 pairs and today took photos. Really like them (:




I also started making other earrings which I hope to show you soon. Hope this inspires ((:

And I wish all of you to have a nice Saturday evening  !!

I really don’t much like hair accessories except simple black hair band… But bows are something sweet. I had an old sweater:

which I had recycled before month or more and had many lefts which I didn’t throw away. I wanted to make something but didn’t know what. And one day I was inspired by hair bows. It’s something what I think to be cute but I don’t like wearing it on myself…



I like it as it’s different from other bows which I had or still have.. If you are interested in making bows I offer to visit this site . I really like it, got many new ideas and I liked photo explanations ((:

Also I’m very happy that finally the weather is absolutely beautiful, it’s really a taste of summer. Hope you also really enjoy your spring and all the mix of colors ((:

So beautiful morning and day… Since very early childhood I knew that this day is special- it’s spirit, all traditions, games which we played. I remember how with brothers, cousins and friends we went asking ‘gifts’ in neighbourhood, games with eggs, all cuisine and that feeling of already come in spring (((:

Today we celebrated quite calm, only as always my parents made a revolution in the kitchen: prepared too many dishes ((: Here are few pictures from today’s table (which was really big): mom baked 2 pies, I like them very much, every time she uses different ingredients (berries, fruits, apples, etc..). Also we painted traditionally eggs with herbs. And I really wanted to try to make something new, so.. made tiramisu (really love it !!)  



I found it’s recipe here, it’s a pity here it’s in Lithuanian but as it’s really traditional, surely in net there are plenty of them ((:

Hope you also enjoy your Easter, time which you can spend with very important persons ((:






Today I’ve searched an inspiration how to paint Easter eggs.. I really liked these ((: Also I love these Jelly eggs:


I remember that in my childhood mom was doing these without this special form: she blew out ”egg” and left it’s scale filling in it jell. Remember once she made a joke: the jell was white and inside of it was a piece of peach so it really looked like an egg (as firstly it was with normal scale). So, it was big surprise to find it being a dessert ((:

And here are more ideas which I liked for the Easter ((:



So here’s time to prepare cakes.. I’m going to prepare Tiramisu first time in my life (I know it’s not a special Easter cuisine part but.. I want it).. (:

I enjoyed so much changing T-shirts so here is my (actually this one was first one, but I post it as second) second experiment !! Originally it were a very simple T-shirt:

So I removed the neck, and cut out the back part. I wanted to have something opened as I got my new shorts which I love !!! So, here’s the result:



Still I have to wear it with high waist skirts/shorts as the simple bottom part of T-shirt doesn’t look very nice… There are still one T-shirt left to change, but.. Will rest for few days :DD Right now I’m very inspired about changing colors, will try to remake one old shirt, hope that experiment will be successful ((: