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These were the last of my recycling T-shirts projects. Really like them !!! Firstly they were big, simple T-shirt (size L):


In the back I cut out the heart shape. Still I didn’t like as it was simple and really didn’t look like a heart. I got an old dress which is in my future recycling projects:


As it was too long for me I made it little shorter. So I had free material which I wanted to use in decorating this opened heart T-shirts. I used a little of this material to make the heart shape ‘bolder’ if I could say so:


So the back part I liked for really bad quality but I only had free time for very quick photo shot  //: ). Still in front was a promotional note so I wanted to hide and and made big bow. Really like making them :DD


Once again really sorry for bad photos’ quality //: I have already worn them during a family meet, grandma liked them 😀 Really comfortable but IF it’s not too windy outside… Right now I hope to find a good inspiration to resew that old dress which I got from trades (I’ll talk about them in my next post) ((:


There are many people who love to eat well, who enjoy eating tasty food and the aesthetic view of it. Food is a very important part of hole life, it’s not only used for humans being, it keeps the movement of creativity.


One is to imitate food by making clothes and it’ll look original. Another is to make clothes using food. I found this great post and liked it as it’s well classified and very informative. Funny was that I discovered it after I started writing about ways how food is connected with fashion and clothes and.. Voila ! This shortened my writing as it talks more by itself  ((: Another great artist and little of his works here .


Ju Duoqi is an amazing artist who recreate famous paintings by using vegetables and fruits:

Food crafts

I can watch and watch photos of food, catch ideas or inspiration.I liked this post with sandwiches as I love them. Another photo just to add:


I’m sure there are plenty of items but these items made me smile- what’s better than sleeping in your favorite meal’s bed ?  ((:


Everyone is an artist but only the artist knows it.

I maybe should start  from the beginning- threads. This little ‘twiddly’ helps to make many items including clothes, jewellery and etc. Yes, there are many crafters who knitt, sew and do many beautiful things, decorations which people enjoy. Humanity’s originality depends on technologies, science, social factors. For ex, who says about fashion ? In my opinion- materials factories. When new material comes up, for sell it they make new patterns, many magazines covers shows up with new clothes and little by little people start to think that’s great although before they might thought it was ugly (f. ex unnaturally bold colors fashion (pink, green, orange, etc..)). But I started talking about threads as I discovered interesting artist Gabriel Dawe who works with it:

I really like his works, very colorful and this is a great example of a crafter who uses various techniques (broidery, textile) and also for his art very important part gives light effects (this is what I meant in saying ‘originality depends on new technologies and possibilities) .

To continue, now a little bit about simple clothes: dress, pants, skirts, shirts and etc. I truly think that to make a beautiful clothes is an art. But to make the art from a simple part of clothes without remaking any detail – this is a modern ART.  Bela Borsodi showed it very well:

Such a visual art is awesome, really left me in a very good mood.

Finally, if art it’s possible to make with a simple piece of clothes, it’s more than possible to make from many clothes already put together. Guerra de la Paz is a team of artists (Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz) whose works are really impressive:

I like this artists common idea to use unnecessary stuff, it’s a way of recycle, it’s a way to show imagination, inspire others.

Art with buttons isn’t something shocking new, before few years saw on tv one old lady who now does ‘Button paintings’ , later found few works in few galleries. But I like Lisa Kokin art, her works really inspire !!

After seeing these works  more and more I understand that my passion is the visual art (=


So sunny Sunday- I love it !! Spring is coming, I can feel it, I can hear it, I can see it !! Sometimes I love to listen French music, really inspires me to create something or only to dream, to see things so positive. Music is a part of creativity, a part of being, a part of connection with hole world,  it’s a reason, process and solution…((:

Yesterday I discovered one very great singer and songwriter Camille, I love her music style, her songs have very deep meaning. Maybe this is it what I think to be French style when I’m asked. This is one of my favorites songs !!!

And this is when I feel sad or serious, when I remember older days or when I need love as a feeling…

Another my favorite singer is Pauline Croze, such a cosy music… she truly knows how to show feelings by song, by voice, by simple means…

Another singer, which music I like is M (Mathieu Chedid), a little bit crazy guy for a little bit crazy days and nights ((:

And finally  very popular singer, actress and model Vanessa Paradis and my favorite her song:

So beautiful outside, I have to walk, to breath this wonderful day’s air. I feel a little bad that’s my last vocations day and from tomorrow I’ll have to come back to university (isn’t that sad when somebody young, who maybe has to be full of motivation, says that ??), so I wish  you all a good day, smile, as smile shows that life is beautiful  ((:

I love evenings when I let myself to relax and it’s not important that I have to read a lot, try hardly to remember some not so interesting information. Love keeping me in fluffy pyjamas, holding big cup of tea (in the morning I would say coffee) and watching good movie or just dreaming. To say shortly I really love to spoil myself (I have to admit yesterday I spoiled myself too by going to spa center and also by buying new shoes). And I think it’s not so hard when somebody has a good taste of music. Yes..  and this evening isn’t an exception.

Before few years I discovered South Korean pianist and composer Yiruma. Relaxing and easy music which I can listen and listen.  And I always start dreaming and imagining some unreal visions (or maybe too good to be real). ((= I think this is the music which has to be heard and not described.

By searching more his videos I found another interesting piece. Of course, French musician and composer Yann Tiersen is very famous (everybody knows ”Amelie” movie and his music is just amazing !!). But what surprised me that although I played this soundtrack so many times, I only yesterday listened few his other works. So, this was surprising. Also I was surprised by his creativity. I mean, when somebody creates something very nice usually later works are like little copies. They have too much similarities with previous works. Although this is similar but at the same time it’s different and I like it very much !

Usually I like to listen jazz. I’m not passioned by all jazz musicians, I like only few (like means to like not the only one hit or instrumental part). I’m very thankful to people (very very very smart, intelligent and… cute of course) who I met this summer. With one Belge I talked about music quite all night and he told me about Bill Evans. Very strong, and very very very classic American pianist.

As my evening still continues, I sometimes listen music from some movies. ‘The Bow’ is one of my favorite movies (for those, who didn’t see it: you definitely have to watch it (and other Kim Ki Duk’s movies). This movie helped me to know better South Corea’s culture, traditions, to hear their music. I think one of the best things in the world is tradition music: so different in different continents and has so much in common. And I love to listen modern traditional music as it’s in this movie.

winter winter winter… Only this year I like winter (not only watching through my window or walking in so beautiful forests). I like to feel snow and enjoy every step (of course, usually I do this in the morning or going back home). One man wrote : ‘ Who is buying fur for fashion? You buy it as it’s needed.” When it’s warm, and the winter is nice in all meanings.

Music is an art form whose medium is sound. It has common elements (rhythm, dynamics, pitch), common reasons (expression, performance, creation, traditions, etc..), can be divided into genres and subgenres, and also has connection with other ranges (history, mathematics, philosophy, linguistics, etc.). To many people in many cultures music is an important part of their way of life. And still is discussed what constitutes music.

I’m pretty sure there are many people who think that in music creation is already limited: one melody has another’s inserts, words, harmony. Despite that, where are many ways how music can be created. The Vegetable Orchestra was founded in 1998. It performs on instruments made of fresh vegetables. The utilization of various ever refined vegetable instruments creates a musically and aesthetically unique sound universe.

Another interesting band, non-traditional dance troupe (originating in Brighton, UK) that uses the body and ordinary objects to create a physical theatre performance is Stomp. It’s a group of people, with very strong personalities, who work together using simple building blocks to create something complex , something everyone can identify with; it’s about rhythm, which is common to all cultures. Everyone knows rhythm, if only from the beating of their own heart – it is the basis of all music. There are several STOMP companies currently performing around the world: up to three working from the UK and two in North America. Each company has its own style, its own feel.

To say that crazy is only now days world is the same as to say that a wheel was created after a  bicycle. How Igor Stravinsky (famous Russian composer) said: ” A good composer does not imitate; he steals. ” One idea replaces another. All nowadays crazy creations have some base predecessors through history, f. ex: shamisen (the Japanese traditional music instrument) originally was made from cat’s skin (maybe the Greens fought  against this successfully). For more, 4′33″ is a three-movement composition by American experimental composer John Cage (1912–1992). It was composed in 1952 for any instrument (or combination of instruments) and the score instructs the performer not to play the instrument during the entire duration of the piece throughout the three movements (the first being thirty seconds, the second being two minutes and twenty-three seconds, and the third being one minute and forty seconds).

That’s really strange, that John Cage wasn’t a crazy American who wanted to joke. He was an American composer, philosopher, poet, music theorist, artist, printmaker, and amateur mycologist and mushroom collector (hobbies also requiring some knowledge). His issue was to have a musical compromise: people could imagine that music which they would like to hear.

Yes, music can be created with very original instruments, amplified to big effecting performances and shows. Maybe the biggest impression does human’s imagine, all human’s creation. One of the most beautiful things is a cappella- music is solo or group vocal or singing without instrumental sound, or a piece intended to be performed in this way.
The Voca People, how they say, are friendly aliens from the planet Voca, somewhere behind the sun…where all communication is made by music and vocal expressions. All live and all performed by 8 people on the stage.

And to finish one of my favorite bands is The Swingle Singers. They are mostly a cappella vocal group formed in 1962 in Paris, France. The current group is based in London, England. There are a total of eight members in the group: two sopranos, two altos, two tenors and two basses. They produce covers ranging from modern classics to classical music, to Contemporary Music. Their arrangements are often informed by jazz harmonies and stylings.

Usually people say that art is beauty, emotion, and a snapshot in time. Something that expresses you, and you made it with your own touch. It’s like music and food, you can’t tell someone what to like and what not to like. I won’t talk about little kids’ paintings or some snapshots on walls. I think that art, the great art, which is made by people who call themselves ‘artists’ , for money, for another people can be criticized and has to be.

I appreciate people who start new style, whose idea it is.

Ex: Black square

By the pioneer of the avant-garde Suprematist movement, Black Square may by Kzimir Malevich’s most famous piece.  Malevich had discovered the art notion of “zaum”, a state where experience occurs outside the naturally perceived world. This led to Suprematism: a movement focused on geometric forms. Malevich would a sequel of sorts 5 years later, “Suprematist Composition: White on White”: a square canvas painted entirely white.

Interesting is that this painting was created 1913. That year born American Abstract painter Ad Reinhardt (1913-1967), who was the most known for works in different shades of the same color (all red, all blue, all white) in the 1950s.
Reinhardt is best known for his so-called “black” paintings of the 1960s. They were different, made from smaller squares, different color’s shadings. But maybe the most shocking was this one- plain black’s. Also this painter claimed : “Art is too serious to be taken seriously.”

Another American painter, minimalist, conceptual artist Robert Ryman, who born 1930, differently loved white color.

Ryman’s most famous quote is “There is never any question of what to paint only how to paint.”  Maybe only white color wasn’t the new idea, but having ‘white painting style’ or exposing ‘white canvas’ were.

Also it’s understandable why many people don’t understand such an art. Things what can be created by yourself maybe are less respected.  Sometimes I only think another people thought that these creations are too simple to be exposed and called ‘examples of the great art’. Or maybe they didn’t see the reason to expose it as this doesn’t require very big imagination. But earlier or later there is someone who does something very elementary and enters to history.

Not aesthetic  art

Art has various functions: educational,  aesthetic, historical, emotional, psychological and etc. I personally think that art has to be along with aesthetics. Maybe because I prefer  art’s function to give a pleasure to enjoy it. Still I think it’s good that such an art exists: it gives a possibility to look differently, it  introduces with subjects or imaginary aspects which people aren’t susceptible to think about.
Francis Bacon (1909- 1992) was an Anglo-Irish figurative painter known for his bold, austere, graphic and emotionally raw imagery. Bacon’s painterly but abstract figures typically appear isolated in glass or steel geometrical cages set against flat, nondescript backgrounds. Since his death, Bacon’s reputation has steadily grown.

I believe that one artist inspires another. Of course, from one style is born another one. From less shocking we can see more shocking.

Orlan (Mireille Suzanne Francette Porte), French artist, who was born in 1947. She’s best known for her work with plastic surgery in the early to mid nineties.

1990 La Ré-Incarnation de Sainte Orlan ou Image(s), Nouvelle(s) image(s). She is transforming her face, but her aim is not to attain a commonly held standard of beauty. Orlan is the only artist working so radically with her own body, asking questions about the status of the body in society. Since May 1990 she has undergone a series of plastic surgical operations to transform herself into a new being, modelled on Venus, Diana, Europa, Psyche and Mona Lisa. This feminist narcissist used all reliquaries left from operations (blood, bandages, her body) and transformed to art.

2001 showed movie ‘Ornal Carnal Art’. The film chronicals a series of operations performed on Orlan, who intent on completely changing her appearance. These operations however, are not an attempt to change her apperance for purposes of beauty, but is instead an attempt to change her appearance to what beauty was considered at different points in history. Through this she attempts to show how she can manipulate and change the body through science and technology.


Michael Landy (born 1963) is an English conceptional and installations’ artist. Landy’s most recent project Art Bin was a new installation for the South London Gallery described by the artist as ‘a monument to creative failure’. Artists and collectors were invited to apply to dispose of works of art via a dedicated website Art Bin.

What will be next ?

Maybe when very simple, casual things become art there is no more space to create something and people start looking for talents around themselves. I guess everyone can say that his kid is an artist, but not everyone can say this about his animal or pet.

I guess this woman will be an inspiration for people who already call themselves ‘artists and maybe after few years will appear some installations like white room and cat running with painted claws…