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Hey !!! I don’t know what’s going on with me: maybe I’m so in love or maybe I’m too bored at university as I’m more and more in crafts again… I think I’m not the only one who loves men shirt: wearing them it’s so comfy ((: Usually at home I wear some old from my brothers or sneak to dad’s wardrobe. Or really big sizes could be used as dresses as well. I found some really interesting photos and very inspiring ideas, I hope to try some of them very soon !!!  Here you can see them:























































I especially loved the first dress, it’s really easy to recycle the old shirt or from not so loved ones to make a very comfy dress (which maybe will be more loved ;)) ).  I have already tried to wear the shirt as a blouse (you can see in the last photo) and it really worked well !! These combinations are really cool and funny.

I hope this also inspires you too !!

By the way, all photos are via weheartit 😉

Have a nice evening,



This is one of my quite old projects (as I still am in the progress with new ones) but for my blog it’s a new presentation. Last summer I got an old dress: this as how I made trade in one site and I was really happy about that. One part I used in recycling old T-shirt  . Later I decided to remake it and made a short dress, some kind of a shirt dress. I only added photos of before/after as I cut the bottom part and made it narrow. And I’m happy with the result:









And here’s the result of my little change (I’m sorry that I have only one photo, maybe later will make more):











As always the most important that there are many ways how from very old stuff one can make something newfangled (:

Another good news is that tomorrow I’m going to receive a sewing dummy !!  So, this is I guess the biggest reason why I’m so in a mood to sew again ;D

Such a beautiful day- the first week in this autumn and so great, really love it !!! Although I have to study for my exams which rest for me but also don’t forget making new things. I had this bold blue color bolero  and I didn’t like so much so tried to change color into the black. Actually it’s between black/blue but I like it, right now it’s more comfortable, I can use it with more outfits. Only I didn’t think  at first that threads won’t change the color.. So at first I tried to resew it but finally decided that it’s more interesting with this mix of colors. ((:



I know this is not a project which I should be proud of but the result I like very very very much and it took only 20min to make it !!

It was a while I wanted new shorts, beige color. At home I had new pants which brought my aunt from France but I didn’t like them and never wore it. Instead of throwing it away I made shorts:



This is a very very very old project, I made it maybe one year ago or more.. I was so hooked by decoupage technique so decided to try it in decorating clothes. Had an old T-shirt tried it.



I also had to narrow it as hips part was too loose. I think it’s quite easy, fast  and cheap way in decorating and making from old stuff new one. It only takes time thinking about what exactly should be glued up, also it takes time while it becomes dried. The last step is ironing. I like these special glue as it’s even possible to wash in the washing machine. I made another shirt but my ‘decor paint’ had a little accident but still I like it. Maybe one day will show you (((:

I had made them before few months and only now have made photos… This is really easy pattern which I found in burdastyle . I found many examples which really inspired me:


So, as I like so much recycling idea I decided to try to make one by myself. I didn’t want to buy some material just for a try as I had one idea in my head. So I used my old clothes: knitted dress, some old material and the lining material was part from my bedding. also I added 2 extra pockets inside of it. Also made from carton some ‘side parts’ –> right now my bag has a shape ((: Here’s the result:


I liked this one so much that decided to make another one :DD Also recycled from some already left materials. For lining part used my grandma’s old pants. Also made extra pocket inside and another one (brown which you can see) outside and made the same ”carton shape” as in previous bag but this time only for the bottom part. And added some decor parts, still don’t know if they were necessary but I  didn’t like only grey.. Here’s it:


Like this bag as it’s quite easy to make and there I can put almost hole my stuff :DD Really practical item ((:

I enjoyed so much changing T-shirts so here is my (actually this one was first one, but I post it as second) second experiment !! Originally it were a very simple T-shirt:

So I removed the neck, and cut out the back part. I wanted to have something opened as I got my new shorts which I love !!! So, here’s the result:



Still I have to wear it with high waist skirts/shorts as the simple bottom part of T-shirt doesn’t look very nice… There are still one T-shirt left to change, but.. Will rest for few days :DD Right now I’m very inspired about changing colors, will try to remake one old shirt, hope that experiment will be successful ((:

Yes, finally the weather is quite good and I am able to make photos of my really latest works !!! So.. in my wardrobe found few T-shirts which were new, but.. I don’t like wearing them. I took really big one (size L), so soft material !! But in the back side was very big publicity note :


So I decided to cut out it.. I made opened back, removed sleeves and changed the front part. And made something new what right now I just love !!!



Hope this inspires.. (: I’m also very glad that today is so sunny !! And.. First time in my life my younger brother so easily helped me when I asked him to make photos :DD So really… miracles happens (:

Another taste of summer…  I was quite lucky to find a very cheap bikini. Unfortunately, the bottom part was too big for me.. Still I bought it as I loved the material- navy and dots !!! So I decided to try to resize it. I cut the long of the bottom and also narrowed it. As I didn’t like the top, I used something from my old bikini to make it more solid:

Here’s how it looked before and now:

I like the result how it looks now !! Interesting was that I have navy with white dots material and was searching for an inspiration to sew a new dress, one of my previous posts was about it !! Still I plan to make it but the funniest part was that after publishing this inspiration post I bought this bikini.. And finally today I have resewed it, quite easy way to make something nicer for summer  ((:

I had a sweater which I liked but somehow there I got little spots which I was unable to clean )):

As these spots were on the right sleeve and spring is here, I decided to cut them.. Also made the front part deeper. Here’s how it turned out:

I like the result, already have tried few outfits. Really love that neutral colors is so easy to mix and they suit very well. Also before few days I’ve found several old (well, old as I have them so long but they are new) T-shirts and started changing them, hope to publish my latest works soon. Oh, and finally second dress photos are coming up to be taken ((: