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Such a beautiful day- the first week in this autumn and so great, really love it !!! Although I have to study for my exams which rest for me but also don’t forget making new things. I had this bold blue color bolero  and I didn’t like so much so tried to change color into the black. Actually it’s between black/blue but I like it, right now it’s more comfortable, I can use it with more outfits. Only I didn’t think  at first that threads won’t change the color.. So at first I tried to resew it but finally decided that it’s more interesting with this mix of colors. ((:




I’ve had had trades before few months I got these vintage style shoes:

I liked these photos how they look like, but on feet it didn’t look so well, as the front part was too small and it was really uncomfortable to walk,  so I decided to change a little bit.


I added ruffles, little strap and 2 buttons as a decoration. The nicest part is that they are really comfortable right now ((:















I finally have a little bit more of free time for my blog. Really sorry for those, who waited news so long- this summer is of work, life experiences and skills of foreign languages and communication with people adventure. Quite funny that I need always so much time to relax but right now it’s a little bit better, feeling that it’s only few weeks more are left before my vocation gave another breath of energy.. But right now about this new projects… 🙂

Ruffles ruffles ruffles.. Don’t know what actually happened to me but during this summer I started liking them very much !!



I found very nice and inspiring blog which idea I liked very much, here:

I was very inspired and decided to change one old T-shirt which I didn’t like by cuting parts from another one. It’s a pity I don’t have photos how it looked before, but here’s the result:

I like it so much, that will try to renew other, also white T-shirt. I also have some new projects which will be showed very soon. Hope this will inspire you :))